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Hunting Dog Names

Our pet is like a family member to most of us. We talk and behave with our pet dogs or cats just like we would do with our kids. Many people own hunting dogs nowadays. Now the important question when we bring a dog home is what should we call him? Gone are the days when Bruno and Mickey and other simple names were easily given to our dogs. This is the modern age where your dog deserves something to be proud of. And if it is a hunting dog, his owner will be all the more concerned on which name to choose from the thousands of hunting dog names.


Dogs’ names reflect their personality in some ways. It would not be wise to call a tiny Chihuahua as something like “Rambo”, isn’t it? In case of hunting dogs, their names should say something about the dog itself. If you own a strong dog that is a great hunting companion, his name can be anything that talks about his physical strength or brave nature. Do not name him after your much loved television actor or a cartoon character as it will be an injustice to his tough hunting spirit. Think twice before deciding on good hunting dog names.


The internet offers numerous dog names which will leave you confused. The hunting dog names are offered in various categories such as male hunting dogs, female hunting dogs and general hunting dogs. Some names that suit well to hunting dogs are Champion, Commander, Couraggio (Italian), Hunter, Freedom, Dakota, Akita, Aktaion, Anhur, Atalanta, Athena, Belle, Benelli, Big Will and so on and so forth. These names are unique and have meanings that tell about a past warrior or hunter.


Out of the hundreds of hunting dog names, the favorite seem to be Max, Buddy, Jake, Bailey, Sam, Casey, Buster, Rocky, Charlie, Duke, Rusty, Toby, Harley, Jack, Murphy, Sparky, Shadow, Lucky, Bear, Smokey, Pepper and Bandit. It is really daunting to take a call on what to name your hunting dog. Whatever you call your dog, he will remain your close companion and friend all through. That is why dogs make the most obedient and loyal pets, which you will agree too!