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Hunting Dogs

Hunting Dogs are basically all those dogs who help out us human beings in hunting activities. Different types of such dogs are trained to carry out various hunting tasks as per their capability. A hunting dog falls under four important groups called hounds, terriers, cur type dogs and gun dogs. These groups can be further sub-divided according to the dogs’ hunting skills. Hunter dogs are a great help to the hunters as they earn their bread and butter due to these tough dogs. Many hunters prefer to tie a bell to their dog’s collar to trace him in the forests.


Your hunting dog may belong to any breed, but if you are going to use it for hunting, then appropriate training is necessary. Training makes your hunting dogs behave in a certain way as desired and follow your instructions to fetch or search the hunting object. There are certain vital points that must be taken care of in respect of training your hunting dog.


Choose the Correct Breed


Those breed of dogs that have a strong sense of smell, are not difficult to train and are comfortable out of the house make suitable hunting dogs. It is important that you select the dog’s breed carefully before training so that it helps you in your hunting ventures. There are several kinds of hunter dogs such as Basset Hound, Beagle, English Cocker Spaniel, English Coonhound, Field Spaniel and the Golden Retriever for you to choose from. Find out the hunting activity that your dog is going to do for you, as each type of dog is good at something different. For instance, coonhounds are useful for hunting raccoons and so on.


Habituate the Dog to the Climate


Just like us humans, hunting dogs need to be habituated to the climate in which they have to perform. This will prepare him for his hunting conditions and help him to get used to it. For instance, if you are going to hunt in hot weather, you should see to it that your dog is accustomed to heat. If the dog has to remain in water for a long time, check that he is comfortable staying there. Moreover, your dog must also be acquainted with the sounds of gunshots early in the training. This will keep him focused while hunting.