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Hunting Dog Breeds

Hunting dogs are a hunter’s best friend. All types of dogs are not suitable for hunting. The hunting dog breeds are different in capability and skills. The prominent breeds of hunting dogs are hounds, terriers, cur type dogs and gun dogs. Each group has further sub-groups of hunting dogs that is divided on the basis of their hunting abilities. Let us have a look at each breed and its sub-category.


1. Hounds

Hounds can be grouped into sighthounds and scent hounds, since each type finds the prey using his vision and sense of smell respectively. Sighthounds such as whippet are well conditioned to speed and visual accuracy. They are independent by nature.


On the other hand, scent hounds like coonhound are better suited to hunt in packs and they may also be used to kill the prey after stalking it. Another type is the Lurchers that are actually a sighthound cross bred with a working dog breed. Hounds in general are used to hunt jackrabbit, raccoon, coyote and other large game.


2. Gun Dogs

Hunting dog breeds such as gun dogs are useful for hunting small animals using a shotgun. Gun dogs are further subdivided into retrievers, flushing spaniels and pointing breeds. As the name says, retrievers are helpful for retrieving the shot birds and locating them too. Gun dogs like setters are good at searching upland game birds. Spaniels and pointers help the hunter to flush the game and move towards it. Water dogs hail from the retriever family.


3. Terriers

Terriers are very useful for hunting mammals. They can locate and kill the animal after capturing it with ease. Lakeland terrier is one example of terriers. Hunters who have terriers as companions are known as terrier men.


4. Curs

Curs are those hunting dog breeds that hunt bigger animals like boars, raccoon, cougars and other large mammals.


5. Feists

Though they are hunting dogs, fiests are smaller in size and hunt small game like squirrels in a manner similar to big hounds. They also warn the hunter by their barking on trees.


You may have any of the hunting dog breeds with you, but take care that you train the dog well so that he performs excellently. Also see to it that the breed you choose is suitable for the type of work that is needed from him.